Women Starting Over House

                   Our Program Works !

WSO Sober Living & Recovery Home is focused on Recovery as a way of life & the life skills needed to create that life.

Your Recovery is supported with a highly structured and educational atmosphere: In-house 12-step meetings, Morning meditation, Weekly Life Skills lesson, Daily house chores, 12-step Work with a sponsor, Random drug testing and Weekly progress group with a Licensed Addiction Counselor, Daily job search support, Time management and goal setting lessons, Nutritional education, Budgeting session, all work together to create accountability and self discipline needed to live the life you deserve. No judgement, just support!



When I first got to the house I was scared and didn't know if I would fit in. Honestly I just didn't know if I would like the other women or if I could get a job after all these years, or get custody of my kids back, or stay clean, or ALL the things they expect out of you here. But my house manager and counselor just kept reassuring me "take it easy" and "progress not perfection", for now I am following their lead and praying ALOT, trying to get this "peace" they keep talking about...more later.. L.Y.